Is it Time to Modernize Your Marking?

By calendar-iconApril 22nd, 2024

Three examples of how upgrading outdated marking and labeling equipment pays off In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, every minute lost to inefficiency creates an all-to-real risk of missed opportunities, a less competitive edge, and — ultimately — decreased profitability.  If there’s even one weak link, it can shut everything down. putting a company’s reputation and…

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Close up of mark on carton.

Direct Case Coding or Labeling?

By calendar-iconMarch 28th, 2024

When to choose direct marking over labeling for case coding: 3 real-life examples We’ve previously covered when you should choose automated labeling over direct marking here, so now let’s look at the other side. Virtually all secondary packaging requires some form of marking, whether brand logos and graphics, barcodes for traceability, or large human-readable text…

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Simply the Zest — Ventura Pacific Modernizes Marking with Matthews MPERIA® Platform

By calendar-iconJanuary 16th, 2024

How Ventura Pacific uses a suite of integrated Matthews printers and the MPERIA® platform to modernize their marking capabilities, reduce costs, improve up time, and gain invaluable peace of mind. Industry: Produce Application: Automated Marking System, Product Traceability Products: MPERIA Controller, A Series Automatic Labeling Machine, L Series (Thermal Inkjet), T Series (Piezo Inkjet) Summary…

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Clas Ohlson label on box

Clas Ohlson Transforms Labeling Operations with MPERIA® A-Series System

By calendar-iconJanuary 30th, 2024

Clas Ohlson modernizes operations with MPERIA A-Series, maximizing efficiency, flexibility, and operational safety. Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods Application: Automated Labeling Products: MPERIA Controller, A-Series print-and-apply labeling system Summary When Clas Ohlson — one of Sweden’s largest mail order companies — was adding a new line to their distribution center, they saw an opportunity to level…

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Close up of label on box.

Labeling vs. Marking

By calendar-iconDecember 15th, 2023

When should you choose labeling over printing for product and case coding? Accurate and reliable product identification is essential for product and case coding. But what’s the best way to get the information onto the packaging? Should you choose labeling or marking? Looking at dollars alone, directly printing marks on case is generally the most…

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