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With easy integration, the MPERIA® marking and coding automation platform helps you improve quality and efficiency by centralizing control of all your lines, regardless of equipment manufacturer.

Automation Platform

Marking and coding automation platform centralizing control of your marking and coding, regardless of equipment technology or vendor
MPERIA Standard Controller - marking and coding automation platform software. MPERIA print controller software and marking system controller.


Our Drop-on-Demand valvejet printhead and controllers include the longest life and most reliable printhead in the industry.  Our controllers stand up the harshest environments making our integrated systems the most reliable in the industry.

DOD Inkjet Printer

Good for: product cartons, bags, building products, metals, paper products, pulp, wood, plastics
DOD Drop-on-demand valve jet printer system marking and coding large characters. DOD Inkjet Printer.

Drop-on-Demand Valve Inkjet

Good for: building products, metals, tire, wood, plastics, paper products, and pulp
V-Series 8000+32V_003 Maxi printhead

Thermal Inkjet

Our thermal inkjet product line provides precise marks at high speeds to keep your products in compliance and looking their best while reducing the need for waste or re-work.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Good for chipboard, corrugate, glass, plastic, plastic film, barcodes, lot codes, expiry dates, and small character printing.
Industrial thermal Inkjet TIJ marking and coding printer used for effective marking and coding and printing traceability marks and barcodes on products, cases, and cartons. Industrial TIJ printer.

Piezo Inkjet

This high-resolution piezo inkjet printer allows you to print text, graphics, barcodes and more directly onto your cases and shipping cartons.

High-Resolution Piezo Inkjet

Good for: case coding, corrugate boxes, label replacement
T-Series Piezo Inkjet Printing System used for effective marking and coding and printing traceability marks and barcodes on products, cases, and cartons. Piezo inkjet printer, piezo inkjet printing, best high resolution inkjet printer.

Print & Apply

Our compact print & apply system is easy to use, offers quick label changing with tool-free maintenance, and improves user safety with cage-free operation.

MPERIA A-Series Labeling Machine

Good for: product, box and pallet labeling.
MPERIA A-Series Print & Apply labeling machine on motorized stand. Great for automated package and pallet labeling. Safe and efficient automated label applicator. Automated labeling machines, label application machine, and automated label applicator.