MPERIA® Platform

Automated marking and coding at its best. Switch messages in seconds, improve mark quality, and centralize coding control on your production lines regardless of equipment manufacturer.
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Simple Yet Sophisticated

An easy-to-use marking system that operates as a data platform, printhead controller and code verification system with all the features you need when you need them. The MPERIA platform is flexible and scalable with software options that grow with your production.

MPERIA controls printers, barcode readers, vision systems, scales, and actuators — including third-party equipment. The hardware interface is available in a range of controller options for your specific application.

Ongoing support is assured. We’ve been in business for over 170 years so we’ll be here when you need us today, tomorrow and beyond.


Your team can select and verify messages in seconds, which means fewer marking errors and labor hours saved on marking and coding changes. The controller interface is easy to understand and use, drastically reducing training time for new operators.


Only use the features you need. Flexible architecture and a library of plug-ins keep integration costs down, even for the most complex configurations. The MPERIA platform has room to grow right along with you.


You can control one printhead, one product line, or many across the production floor or around the world with one interface. Combine MPERIA with your enterprise systems without specialized server software or hardware and integrate all your existing devices, regardless of manufacturer.

Created for Your Ease-of-use

  • Easily integrate your existing environment using your current enterprise systems and legacy equipment. No custom software or server hardware required
  • Scale up easily – add equipment to your line, or expand to multiple plant locations. MPERIA’s unparalleled performance will keep up
  • Single user interface controls all equipment – printers, barcode readers, vision systems, scales, and actuators
  • Reduce equipment touches and training required of line operators and maintenance personnel

MPERIA universal controller marking system integration diagram

Engineered to Maximize Your Efficiency

  • Automate code and message changeovers to reduce user error and recalls
  • Maximize investment by controlling third-party equipment and eliminate your need for third party control software
  • Validate codes, text, and graphics with integrated vision systems, and dynamically ensure accurate codes with real-time clock synchronization
  • React quickly to coding errors or equipment faults through centralized real-time visual or text alerts

Designed to Grow With You

  • MPERIA’s unmatched performance supports hundreds of print heads from a single controller handling up to 900 unique codes per second
  • Ensure system redundancy with backup print equipment that can be automatically activated on your production line when needed
  • Coordinate marking data with ERP, WMS, PLCs or big data systems to automate message creation, from unique codes, product identification, serialization and batching
  • Integrated verification systems ensure that prints are accurate and readable at every point—from product to pallet

8 Ways MPERIA Reduces IT Headaches

Remove Integration Headaches and Plant Operator Pain While Reducing Human Error

MPERIA integration one-sheet

Command and Control Your Entire Production Line With MPERIA®

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