Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printers

The MPERIA® L-Series is the ideal inkjet marking and coding solution for high-resolution, high-speed primary and secondary packaging.  Whether you need to mark product cartons with 2D codes or lot/batch codes for traceability, the L-Series has you covered.


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MPERIA L-Series TIJ Printers

Our thermal inkjet printers give you the flexible options you require while producing precise marks at extraordinary speeds; keeping your products in compliance while ensuring your brand puts its best foot forward.

Print variable data, QR and 2D codes, graphics, or simple text at unprecedented speeds on a variety of substrates with the L-Series thermal inkjet  printers. Excellent applications include case coding on corrugate boxes, barcodes on coated/uncoated wood, lot codes on pre-printed chipboard, and expiry dates on glossy labels.

Overcoming Challenges of Legacy Printers

As technology continues to advance, printing or marking your products and packages can pose challenges and limitations for both legacy and even new systems.  Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) and thermal transfer printing (TTO), in particular, have inherent limitations due to age, brand, ink, and configuration. CIJ printers may experience problems with ink smudging, substrate compatibility, frequent maintenance and printhead cleaning, and inconsistent print quality. Meanwhile, thermal transfer systems may struggle with ribbon cost, limited print durability, slow printing speeds, and frequent maintenance.

Industrial TIJ Systems You Can Count On

Fortunately, the L-Series overcomes these challenges. With our industrial printers, you can achieve consistent, high-quality prints without the headaches associated with other printing technologies. TIJ printing offers faster ink changeovers, a much lower maintenance burden, faster installation, easier operation, greater system flexibility, and extremely reliable marking and coding in contrast with CIJ and thermal transfer printing systems.

Speed Meets Precision: High-Res Thermal Inkjet Printers

What our customers say

We really enjoy this equipment. It’s clean, easy to maintain, easy to read, and very quick. I highly recommend Matthews to other suppliers. They have a great product, and they have also provided great service.

Ken Wileman, General Manager, Porterville Citrus, Inc. (PCI)
High-speed and quality.

Unmatched print speed with 600 dpi resolution delivers crisp, precise marks at the speed of your production line; and our superior in-house ink engineering ensures unparalleled performance on your substrates.

Downtime reduced.

Keep your production line humming with our cartridge-based printheads that can be swapped in seconds and require virtually no maintenance for exceptional reliability and efficiency.

True scalability.

Easily grow from one printhead and line to multiple printheads on additional lines, with the power of our universal controller, MPERIA. Centralized control that seamlessly integrates with business systems and 3rd party hardware without the need for middleware.

MPERIA® Platform

MPERIA® Platform

The MPERIA marking and coding automation platform centralizes control of your marking technology, regardless of equipment technology or vendor.

+  Available in 8, 12 and 15 inch models
+  IP ratings include: IP55, IP54, Ip40, IP54, IP65
+  Integrates with any ERP system or database
+  Control third party devices and printing technologies

L50 Thermal Inkjet Printer

L50 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Ideal for larger graphics and multiple lines of text printing on case packing, pre-printed boxes with knock-out areas, food packaging with branded information, SKUs, and many secondary packaging substrates.

+  Print height: 2”  (50 mm)
+  Max print speed @ 75 DPI: 1,600 ft / min (488 m / min)
+  Print direction: horizontal or down
+  Readable throw distance: ¼ ” (6.4 mm)

L25 Thermal Inkjet Printer

L25 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Ideal for small graphics and logos for printing and coding on tray-packs, corrugate boxes, cases, glossy pre-printed boxes as well as lumber and engineered wood where retail branding is important.

+  Print height: 1” (25 mm)
+  Max print speed @ 75 DPI: 1,600 ft / min(488 m / min)
+  Print direction: horizontal or down
+  Readable throw distance: ¼ ” (6.4 mm)

L12 Thermal Inkjet Printer

L12 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Ideal for primary printing; lot, batch, and barcoding application with UPC-A or 2D codes; excellent for coding expiration dates on cardboards and plastics for items like cereal, bread bags, and other food goods as well as health and beauty items.

+  Print height: ½ ” (12 mm)
+  Max print speed @ 75 DPI: 1,600 ft / min (488 m / min)
+  Print direction: horizontal or down
+  Readable throw distance: ¼ ” (6.4 mm)

L1 Thermal Inkjet Printer

L1 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Perfect for primary packaging, commercial printing like mailings, promotional coding, lottery coding and serialization. Compact design makes it perfect for production lines with size limitations.

+  Print height: ½ ” (12 mm)
+  Prints-per-second: over 500 unique QR codes
+  Print direction: horizontal or down
+  Readable throw distance: ¼ ” (6.4 mm)



A complete, affordable and easy-to-install printing bundle that comes with a controller, a printhead, a mounting and a photocell; ready to print out of the box.

+  Print height: ½ ” (12 mm)
+  Max print speed @ 75 DPI: 1,600 ft / min (488 m / min)
+  Print direction: horizontal or down
+  Readable throw distance: ¼ ” (6.4 mm)

L-Series Product Brochure

L-Series Thermal Inkjet Printers Brochure

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High-level information on:

  • L-Series and MPERIA Benefits
  • Print Examples
  • Print Head Technical Specs
  • Ink Capabilities

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What is the L-Series printing system?

The MPERIA L-Series are high-resolution thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers that offer precise marking and coding solutions for various production line applications.

How does the L-Series work?

The L-Series uses thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology to produce high resolution, high-quality marks. It relies on small, heated chambers within the to create tiny droplets of ink that are propelled onto the substrate, forming the desired marks.

Does the L-Series printing system require any consumables or additional supplies?

The L-Series is a cartridge-based printing system that utilizes consumable ink cartridges. These will need to be replaced as they’re depleted, cleaning solutions for the printhead might also need to be purchased to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

What are the advantages of using the L-Series printing system?

The L-Series delivers several advantages, including high-resolution printing, fast printing speeds, easy operation, reduced maintenance requirements, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and compatibility with a wide variety of both porous and non-porous substrates.

Can the L-Series printing system print on different substrates?

Yes, the L-Series is designed to print on a wide range of substrates, including materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, and more.

What types of marks can be produced with the L-Series printing system?

The L-Series can produce variable data, graphics, logos, barcodes, QR and 2D codes, small text, and other markings required for product identification, branding, traceability, and coding purposes.

What is the maximum print speed of the L-Series printing system?

The L-Series offers high-speed printing capabilities, of 1,600 ft/min (488 m/min), for most models and configurations.

Is the L-Series printing system compatible with existing production lines?

Yes, the L-Series is designed for easy integration into existing production lines. It can be seamlessly incorporated into different workflows and connected to other equipment or software.

How easy is it to install and operate the L-Series printing system?

The L-Series is designed for ease of use. It features a cartridge-based ink system that simplifies ink changeovers, and its user-friendly controller interface MPERIA ensures straightforward operation and setup.

What is the maintenance requirement for the L-Series printing system?

The L-Series requires minimal maintenance due to its cartridge-based printheads. Ink changeovers are quick and simple, and the system is designed for reliable, long-lasting performance.

Can the L-Series printing system handle variable data printing?

Yes, the L-Series is capable of printing variable data, allowing for the customization of each printed item with unique information such as serial numbers, expiration dates, lot codes, and more.

What is the maximum resolution of the L-Series printing system?

The L-Series delivers true 600 dpi (dots per inch) resolution, ensuring clear and crisp marks, including sharp barcodes, 2D codes, small text, and graphics.

Is the L-Series printing system compatible with barcode printing?

Yes, the L-Series excels at barcode printing. It can produce high-quality barcodes with excellent readability, meeting industry standards and compliance requirements.

Can the L-Series printing system be integrated with other equipment or software?

Yes, the L-Series can be seamlessly integrated with other equipment and software solutions, such as ERP systems, databases, and print verification/validation systems, to streamline production processes and enhance traceability.

Does the L-Series printing system support different languages and fonts?

Yes, the L-Series supports a wide range of languages and fonts, allowing for flexibility in marking and coding requirements to accommodate various global markets and branding needs.

Can the L-Series printing system be used in food packaging applications?

Yes, the L-Series is suitable for food packaging applications. It uses food-grade inks and adheres to the necessary regulations and standards to ensure safe and reliable printing on food-related substrates.

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L-Series Thermal Inkjet Printers

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