Consumer Packaged Goods

From inkjet marking of primary products, to direct printing and labeling on secondary packaging, to pallet labeling — we have you covered.


Marking and Coding Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are ubiquitous across the globe, with products wrapped in a wide range of substrates and forms. Whether plastics, bags, bottles, or boxes, packaging for consumer goods runs the gamut. Marking and coding play a vital role in the distribution and consumption of these products, especially as the everyday consumer has come to expect a high level of traceability  from the goods they purchase.

In addition, the rise of technology has made it possible for items to not only be shipped anywhere in the world, but also for various parts of a product to be made in different places. As such, supply chain tracking and inventory management are also heavily reliant on marks and codes to be on point every time.

From food and beverage to personal and household goods, Matthews understands the challenges of the consumer packaged goods industry. We have the high-speed inkjet printing equipment along with case coding and labeling solutions needed to keep your lines running and products moving.

High Resolution for Primary Packaging.

For applications that require high-resolution marks, CPGs are increasingly turning to thermal inkjet (TIJ) print technology over CIJ. Matthews offers flexible and durable TIJ-based solutions that deliver precise marks at extraordinary speeds.

Case Coding and Labeling.

Whether you need high resolution codes or large graphics and fonts, our direct marking solutions and print and apply labelers will positively impact your bottom line and seamlessly integrate into your production operation.

Unlimited Control.

Our MPERIA® platform gives you ease-of-use and reliable operation along with seamless integration with backend business systems, and hassle-free connection to third-party printers, scales, vision systems and more.

Unique in its Class, MPERIA® Elevates Marking Standards

Robust and reliable marking and coding system of unmatched quality

Across the CPG landscape, product options and variety continues to grow at a rapid pace. This in turn has led to a proliferation of SKUs and growth in the accompanying information that must be managed for branding, sustainability and traceability.

The variety of products, marks, required information, packaging substrates and form factors (such as porous fiberboard and non-porous plastics), and packaging processes requires that operators of packaging lines use multiple types of marking, coding and printing equipment. With all this complexity, it’s imperative that coding operations across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging are fully integrated and easy to manage.

With over 170 years of marking and coding experience, Matthews understands the needs of your business. Our trained sales, technical specialists and field technicians ensure reliable performance from installation throughout the life of the equipment

Matthews solutions for product identification, branding and traceability are designed to increase productivity, reduce waste and improve overall efficiency. Our suite of solutions for packaging include high-resolution inkjet, drop-on-demand valvejet printers, high performance inks, automated print and apply labelers, and integrated solutions for marking and coding automation.

Take control of your CPG marking and coding operations

The MPERIA® marking and coding automation platform centralizes control of your primary, secondary, and tertiary marking, adapting seamlessly to your environment. As a universal controller, MPERIA can integrate with third-party equipment, such as printers, vision systems and scales, without the requirement of middleware.

This proven platform improves the efficiency of your print operations, reducing downtime and cost, and increasing packaging line productivity. As you grow your business, MPERIA grows with you—whether you are adding equipment to your production line, customizing your messaging or expanding to multiple plant locations, MPERIA’s unparalleled performance, integration and scalability keeps up with your needs.

For operations with frequent changeovers—including both product changes and modifications required to meet the specific requirements of unique customers—MPERIA populates line-side printing systems with the correct imprint information automatically to accommodate the next product’s packaging run while minimizing scrap. It also incorporates integrated client and security levels to meet regulation coding and track and trace requirements. And, to reduce operational expenses, the system offers productivity assessments, monitoring the status of each printer in the network.

Cost efficient and low maintenance TIJ

A cartridge-based inkjet system—with self-contained cartridges that include the print engine and ink—TIJ can mark at speeds above 1,000+ feet-per-minute. Improvements in TIJ inks allow for use of both water-based inks on porous packaging and solvent-based inks on non-porous packaging materials. With a printing resolution of 600 dots-per-inch (dpi), TIJ printers such as the MPERIA L-Series are ideal for printing 2D codes and barcodes on primary packaging. Because the self-contained cartridge includes the print engine, whenever ink is replaced the print engine is also replaced, reducing maintenance requirements

High resolution marks for exceptional readability

Matthews’ MPERIA T-Series high resolution piezo inkjet (PIJ) printers provide exceptional print resolution and versatility along with unparalleled levels of readability. With image heights up to 4” (102mm) per printhead, and unlimited stitching possibilities, large logos and several lines of text are possible from one printhead or groups of printheads. Branding on demand is quick and efficient and allows you to reduce inventory costs and space.

Large characters, lowest cost per mark

Our drop-on-demand (DOD) MPERIA V-Series is the ideal inkjet marking and coding solution for packaging applications. These printers are widely used to imprint large character (0.5-inch or greater) variable, text-based information on large products such as bags of pet food or secondary packaging. Routine maintenance and longevity are not an issue with V-Series printheads, which are rated for 9 billion cycles before tuning is required, outlasting the competition. This technology efficiently jets both simple porous and non-porous inks with low maintenance for the lowest cost per mark of all technologies.

Automate with print and apply labeling

Many CPG applications require the use of labels for both primary and secondary packaging, often to meet retailer requirements or to improve contrast and readability for barcodes. Regardless of the application, the MPERIA A-Series is the label print and apply system you’ve been looking for. These next generation applicators provide consistent and precise label placement with configurations for virtually any application. Once labels are applied, the system automatically validates codes to ensure accuracy time and time again.

Fast, reliable pallet labeling

The A-Series is the only choice when it comes to applying labels to pallets. Stop the insanity and remove bottlenecks at the end of the production line! The A-Series automated print and apply labeling system with the FlexWipe applicator crushes the competition in labeling two sides of every pallet as fast as five pallets per minute. What’s more, sensors eliminate the need for bulky cages and ensure operator safety.

Custom solutions that fit like a glove

Matthews is a one-stop-shop for your ink and equipment needs, which means we can partner with you to ensure your equipment and ink are the most reliable total solution for your line. In some cases, a simple stand and standard inks may be all you need. In others, particularly if you have space or other limitations and specialized substrates, you may need a custom engineered solution and unique ink formations. In such cases, our experts are up to the task of delivering the exact solution you require.

Recommended Products

Thermal Inkjet TIJ marking and coding printer
High Resolution Thermal Inkjet

Thermal inkjet coding of variable data, text and graphics at unprecedented speeds.

T-Series Piezo Inkjet Printing System used for effective marking and coding and printing traceability marks and barcodes on products, cases, and cartons. Piezo inkjet printer, piezo inkjet printing, best high resolution inkjet printer.
High-Resolution Piezo Inkjet

A cost-effective alternative to adhesive labels and pre-printed corrugated boxes and cartons.

A-Series T63 printer on motorized stand with tamp applicator.
Print & Apply System

Easy to use print and apply system with safe, consistently precise label placement and validation. For use on cartons, cases, pallets and more.

MPERIA Standard Controller - marking and coding automation platform software. MPERIA print controller software and marking system controller.
Automation Platform

Marking and coding automation platform centralizing control of your marking and coding, regardless of equipment technology or vendor.

DOD Drop-on-demand valve jet printer system marking and coding large characters. DOD Inkjet Printer.
Drop-on-Demand Valvejet

Robust and reliable large character marking for secondary packaging.

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