We have the right ink for your application and environment– period.  The industry’s broadest range of inks for every technology are engineered in-house, using premium components for the best performance on your production line.



orange fluorescent numbers and QR code sample marks on a blue background. The marks are on the end of a square piece of lumber. Industrial printer ink, industrial inkjet ink, and industrial printing ink.

Industrial Inkjet Ink for High-Quality Printing Applications

Your marks, prints, and brand reputation deserve the quality that Matthews’ chemical engineers pour into our ink development.  Engineered in-house, we develop inks for optimal performance across our inkjet technologies.  As industry experts, we offer a wide range of options, including innovation solutions like fast-drying, thermochromic, and FDA-approved inks.  Our global distribution centers ensure fast and reliable fulfillment, getting you the right ink at the right time. Partner with us for a holistic solution – from marking equipment to ink – tailored to your needs.  Do not be fooled by third-party companies offering cheap inks as that’s what they are – cheap.  Inks are the epitome of you get what you pay for.  Our quality-tested inks guarantee seamless operation in Matthews Marking Systems’ printers. Trust us for expertise, innovation, and top-notch inks.

Overcoming Ink Challenges

Opting for cheap, low-quality inks poses serious risks to your printing endeavors.  Subpar inks often result in poor quality prints that fade, cannot be read by the human eye or vision systems, and ultimately cast your brand’s reputation in a poor light.  Moreover, they tend to clog printhead nozzles, causing frustrating downtime and maintenance expenses.  Ultimately, the use of inferior inks inflicts lasting harm on your equipment, leading to costly repairs and replacements.

Ink You Can Count On

Recognizing the value of high-quality inks extends beyond print excellence; it’s a strategic decision to ensure the durability of your equipment and maintain peak productivity. Our painstakingly formulated inks, composed of premium ingredients, guarantee not only vivid hues and dependable outcomes but also contribute to the sustained functionality of your printing systems. By selecting our inks, you’re making a commitment to superior results and an uninterrupted printing journey characterized by excellence and longevity.

Ink is Critical to EasyFrame Market Dominance

What our customers say

Another advantage found with the Matthews is the ink. We didn’t think that the ink could make such a difference, but the Matthews’ ink is quite a bit better than the inks we had used in the past as well.

Coby Gifford, EstiFrame Technologies, A Simpson Strong-Tie Company

There’s never been a case where the markings came off, hit it by accident or intentially. We’ve actually tested the markings by printing on a piece of lumber and trying to wash it off immediately, and they don’t come off.

Oscar Aguirre, RJP Framing

Inkjet Inks

We take pride in creating our inks in-house and being experts in knowing your industry needs. From water-based solutions in a myriad of color options, to FDA-approved inks for both incidental and direct food contact, we have the best team to help produce the ink you need. We are constantly innovating new ink types as regulations become stricter, new applications and substrates evolve, and manufacturing requirements update. Be sure to use Matthews replacement fluids for optimal performance in your Matthews Marking Systems’ printers.

We specialize in:

  • Fast-Drying Solvent Inks
  • Rubber Curable Inks
  • Thermochromic Inks
  • Environmentally Friendly Inks
  • Porous and Non-Porous Inks
  • NO/LOW VOC Fast-Dry Inks
  • Water Removable Solutions
  • Alkali Removable Solutions
  • Mil Spec A-A-208 Inks
  • FDA-Approved Inks
  • Water-Fast Pigmented Inks
Fast, reliable fulfillment.

With global distribution centers and standard 2-day delivery on stocked Matthew’s replacement fluids, we can get you the right ink at the right time, every time.

Innovative solutions.

We are a one-stop-shop for your ink and equipment needs, which means we can partner with you to ensure your equipment and ink are the most reliable total solution for your line.  If we don’t have it, we’ll customize an ink for your substrate.

Quality assured.

Our inks have been tested across a wide range of temperatures and are guaranteed to work seamlessly in all our printers, ensuring reliability for both the ink and equipment running it.

Case Study

FDA Approved Solutions for Marking

A Swedish original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs, produces and installs automated end-handling equipment on production lines within the beverage and canning industries sought to update its marking and coding system offerings to its customers.

Read the FDA approved ink case study now


Why are high-quality inks important?

High-quality inks are crucial as they ensure not only exceptional print quality but also safeguard the longevity of your equipment and enhance overall productivity.

What risks are associated with using low-quality inks?

Low-quality inks can lead to faded prints, clogged nozzles, and potentially cause damage to your printing equipment.

How do your inks address these challenges?

Our meticulously crafted inks, made with premium ingredients, ensure vibrant colors, consistent results, and reliable operation, minimizing risks associated with low-quality inks.

Why is print longevity important?

Print longevity guarantees that your documents, images, and labels remain vibrant and professional-looking over time, enhancing their impact.

Can your inks help prevent equipment damage?

Absolutely, our high-quality inks are designed to reduce the risk of damage to your equipment, leading to fewer repairs and replacements.

What benefits do your inks offer beyond print quality?

Our inks contribute to your equipment’s sustained functionality, supporting uninterrupted operations and long-term productivity.

Are your inks suitable for various printing applications?

Yes, we offer inks optimized for different printing applications, ensuring compatibility and superior performance across the board.

How do your inks compare to others on the market?

Our inks stand out due to their meticulous formulation, leading to vibrant colors, consistent results, and equipment-friendly operation.

Can your inks be customized for specific needs?

Certainly, we offer tailored ink solutions to suit your specific substrate and printing requirements.

How do I know that your ink will work as expected?

We guarantee that our inks have been extensively tested and will seamlessly work in our printers, ensuring both the ink and equipment’s reliability.

Experience the Difference and Request Your Sample Mark.

See the impact of our high-quality inks firsthand. Contact us to receive a complimentary sample mark on your substrate and discover the superior results our inks can achieve. Don’t miss out on elevating your printing quality – reach out today!