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MPERIA Standard Controller - marking and coding automation platform software. MPERIA print controller software and marking system controller.

Unleash Efficiency, Precision, and Control in your Marking and Coding from Product to Pallet.

Experience the pinnacle of marking and coding efficiency with the MPERIA Controller. Seamlessly switch messages in seconds, enhance mark quality, and centralize coding control on your production lines regardless of equipment manufacturer. With over 170 years of expertise, we ensure ongoing support, making us your reliable partner today and beyond.

Legacy Controller Challenges

Companies grappling with outdated, inflexible marking systems face significant challenges in streamlining their product, case, or pallet marking processes. These systems are difficult to use, lacking automation features, and hinder seamless integration into existing production environments. The absence of user-friendly interfaces and manual code changeovers lead to increased errors, bottlenecks, and inefficient operations, resulting in unnecessary labor hours and costly recalls. There is a pressing need for an easier-to-use, automated marking solution that enables efficient integration, improves accuracy, and empowers companies to optimize their production lines with streamlined marking processes.

A Better Controller

Our controller provides a comprehensive automated marking solution to the challenges faced by companies seeking a streamlined marking system. With its user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and seamless integration, the controller will revolutionize your product, case, or pallet marking process. It empowers operators to switch messages in seconds, improve mark quality, and centralize coding control across production lines.

Offering flexibility and scalability, it will also grow alongside the evolving needs of your production line. By eliminating the need for custom software or server hardware, it effortlessly integrates into existing environments, leveraging current enterprise systems and legacy equipment. With the ability to control multiple devices through a single interface, the MPERIA Controller reduces training requirements, minimizes errors, and maximizes efficiency. You can automate code and message changeovers, ensure accurate prints with integrated verification systems, and swiftly respond to errors or faults with real-time alerts.

MPERIA Brings Efficiency and Scalability

Automate code and message changeovers to minimize user errors and recalls. Ensure accurate prints at every stage by integrating verification systems and real-time clock synchronization. React promptly to coding errors or equipment faults with centralized real-time alerts. The exceptional performance of the controller supports multiple installations of printheads, handling up to 900 unique codes per second.

Eliminate Integration Headaches and Operator Errors

Enjoy a single user interface and common API for controlling Matthews Marking Systems technologies and third-party equipment. Seamlessly integrate with backend business systems (ERP, MES, WMS) as well as PLCs using netFolder, without the need for middleware. Reduce capital investment with print validation integration and automate message control from a centralized location. Scale your operations effortlessly with open-source scripting and plugins for third-party equipment control. Benefit from easy support through remote troubleshooting and benchmark security and data integrity with complete control of data access.

Unique in its Class, MPERIA® Elevates Marking Standards

What our customer's say

The platform is so easy to use, compared to having to operate through a small touchscreen on a localized unit, I can sit in my office with the AC on, and custom modify labels and make changes on the fly.

Tony Atchley, Ventura Pacific

It’s an amazing print controller. And to my surprise, it was an XML based language which I thought was wow, this is amazing. What we really liked about it was the fact that you can literally manipulate the XML on controller itself, we were really, really impressed.

Coby Gifford, EstiFrame

We really enjoy this equipment. It’s clean, easy to maintain, easy to read, and very quick. I highly recommend Matthews to other suppliers. They have a great product, and they have also provided great service.

Ken Wileman, General Manager, Porterville Citrus, Inc. (PCI)
Simple, Sophisticated, and Efficient

Your team can select and verify messages in seconds, reducing marking errors and saving labor hours. Customize the controller to fit your specific needs, keeping integration costs low. Control one printhead or multiple across your production floor with one interface. Integrate the platform seamlessly with your enterprise systems, regardless of manufacturer.

User-Friendly Operation

Manage all your equipment, from printers to barcode readers, scales, and actuators, through a single user interface. Simplify operator and maintenance personnel training, reducing equipment touches and potential errors. Guarantee system redundancy with automated backup print equipment activation when necessary. Seamlessly coordinate marking data with ERP, WMS, PLCs, or big data systems for streamlined automation.

Streamlined Integration

Integrate effortlessly into your existing environment without custom software or server hardware. Connect with your current enterprise systems and legacy equipment, eliminating the need for third-party control software. Expand your operations and maximize your investment with ease.



The MPERIA 8″ is the most compact controller in the MPERIA product line. This controller manages one printing technology. Upgrades are available that allow for expanding functions including the number of controlled devices.

  • 8″ (203mm)
  • IP55 rated
  • Controls one print technology


The MPERIA Standard has the capability to support all printing technologies for simultaneous print control and is ideal for primary, secondary, and tertiary marking and coding. Upgrades allow for a virtually unlimited number of printing devices and functionality.

  • 12″ (304mm)
  • IP40 rated
  • Controls multiple print technologies

MPERIA® 12" Enclosed

The MPERIA Standard Enclosed has the capability to support all printing technologies for simultaneous print control and is ideal for primary, secondary, and tertiary marking and coding. Upgrades allow for a virtually unlimited number of  printing devices and functionality.

  • 12″ (304mm)
  • IP54 rated
  • Controls multiple print technologies

MPERIA® 15" H. E.

The MPERIA Standard H.E. has the same capability as the MPERIA Standard, and offers a 15” touchscreen in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure making it suitable for harsh environments.

  • 15″ (381mm)
  • IP65 stainless steel
  • Controls multiple print technologies


Optimized for machine builders wanting to integrate a robust, reliable, and cost-effective marking and coding solution in their production lines.
Learn how MPERIA OEM reduces time to market and removes integration headaches.

Read more about the MPERIA OEM controller.

  • Remote control GUI via VNC or MPERIA creator
  • Wall or panel mount options


Automated, Centralized, and Adaptable Marking and Coding Platform

Simplify your setup. Scale your operations when ready.

Consolidated control over all marking and coding across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging lines just got easier. MPERIA seamlessly integrates with virtually any coding equipment, data file or enterprise system. It’s so adaptable, you’ll never need to re-engineer existing data systems or modify current workflows.

Get the MPERIA brochure.

Packaging Line Marking and Coding. Simplified.

Take control of disparate marking equipment on your packaging line and unleash production line productivity. Simplify your setup, scale operations when ready, and centralize marking control or deploy per station to control your packaging line your way.

Read the Packaging Line brochure

Case Studies

Egg Carton Marking

Egg Processor Cuts Packaging Costs by Replacing Label Print-and-Apply System With MPERIA®

Get the Egg carton marking study.

Label Replacement In-Line Marking

Food ingredient manufacturer improved production efficiency with in-line carton marking by reducing pre-printed box inventory.

Read the label replacement case study.


What is the MPERIA Controller and how does it improve marking and coding processes?

The MPERIA Controller is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline marking and coding operations. It allows you to switch messages in seconds, centralize coding control, and improve mark quality on your production lines. By offering a user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and seamless integration, the MPERIA Controller significantly enhances efficiency and reduces errors.

Can the MPERIA Controller integrate with our existing equipment and systems?

Yes, absolutely! The MPERIA Controller is highly flexible and can integrate smoothly into your current environment. No custom software or server hardware is required, ensuring seamless connectivity with your enterprise systems and legacy equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

How does the MPERIA Controller simplify operator training and reduce errors?

The single user interface of the MPERIA Controller streamlines equipment control, making it easy for operators to manage printers, barcode readers, vision systems, scales, and actuators from one place. By reducing equipment touches and automating code changeovers, the system minimizes the potential for human errors, leading to enhanced accuracy and improved overall productivity.

Is the MPERIA Controller scalable to accommodate future growth?

Absolutely! The MPERIA platform is designed to scale with your business needs. Whether you want to add equipment to your production line or expand to multiple plant locations, the MPERIA Controller can handle it without compromising performance.

Can MPERIA work with XML?

Yes, MPERIA can work with XML (Extensible Markup Language). XML is a widely used data format for exchanging and storing structured information. MPERIA’s flexible architecture allows it to handle various data formats, including XML. By leveraging its capabilities, you can seamlessly integrate XML data into the MPERIA Controller for automated message creation, product identification, serialization, and other marking processes. This compatibility with XML ensures that you can efficiently utilize your existing data sources to streamline your marking and coding operations with MPERIA.

Support Documents

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