Industrial Part Marking

We’ve been making our mark in the automotive industry since its inception.  From striping and product identification marking on tires to innovative parts marking,  our solutions continue to evolve along with the industry to meet the regulations and requirements you’re faced with.

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Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Get low-maintenance, cost-effective rubber marking solutions without sacrificing speed or quality.

Tire & Tread Marking

We provide turn-key and engineered solutions for any kind of mark on any type of plastic or metal parts used in automotive.

Automotive Part Marking

Tire and Rubber Marking Video


Case Study
Tire Manufacturer Improves Coding Visibility on Tread Line with Matthews Marking Systems
Code visibility case study
Case Study
Industry-leading manufacturer of automotive frames implements DOD marking, controlled by MPERIA®, for product identification
Part marking case study
Industry Success Story
Industry-leading automotive supplier required permanent marking identification information on a variety of extruded rubber door seals and gaskets.
Permanent marking success story

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