Elevate Your Product: OEM Marking

Choose the MPERIA OEM controller and experience seamless integration and unmatched marking.


EstiFrame's EasyFrame control panel with OEM marking powered by MPERIA. Worker using the EasyFrame control panel.

Simple Yet Sophisticated

The MPERIA OEM controller empowers equipment manufacturers to delight their customers with seamless system integration and precise marking for any application.  Flexible and cost-effective, MPERIA OEM ensures optimal performance regardless of system complexity, delivering unparalleled support and interoperability.


Challenges of Competing Systems

Competitor’s OEM controllers frequently present integration challenges, with limited adaptability and compatibility across printer technologies, potentially impeding seamless production. Inadequate support, restricted customization options, and higher integration costs can compound these issues, hindering operational efficiency. Customer satisfaction can also be affected by competing systems that are difficult to customize and operate.


Our MPERIA OEM controller overcomes these challenges with an open architecture and plug-in capability providing unequaled compatibility with the controller platform you use in building your machine.   From controller integration to ensuring the best printing equipment is utilized for marking your customers’ products, Matthews delivers a complete solution for what you build.  Outstanding support, extensive customization options, and broad system compatibility enhance operational efficiency and your customer satisfaction.


MPERIA Platform and Controller

OEM Success Story: EstiFrame


Get high-quality equipment for your solution.  The MPERIA OEM universal controller is designed for simplified integration – command protocol, net folder, or xml.


Only use the features you need. Flexible architecture and plug-in capability keep integration costs down, even for the most complex configurations. The MPERIA platform has room to grow right along with your product line.


Your customers can control one printhead, one production line, or many across the production floor with the MPERIA OEM controller and your interface.

What our customers say

It’s an amazing print controller. And to my surprise, it was an XML based language which I thought was wow, this is amazing. What we really liked about it was the fact that you can literally manipulate the XML on controller itself, we were really, really impressed.

Coby Gifford, EstiFrame Technologies, A Simpson Strong-Tie Company

There’s never been a case where the markings came off, hit it by accident or intentionally. We’ve actually tested the markings by printing on a piece of lumber and trying to wash it off immediately, and they don’t come off.

Oscar Aguirre, RJP Framing

Another advantage found with the Matthews is the ink. We didn’t think that the ink could make such a difference, but the Matthews’ ink is quite a bit better than the inks we had used in the past as well.

Coby Gifford, EstiFrame Technologies, A Simpson Strong-Tie Company

Since we’ve gone with the Matthews system, for the first time in twelve years, I feel bulletproof with the marking.

Coby Gifford, EstiFrame Technologies, A Simpson Strong-Tie Company

OEM Marking Solutions

Lineup of five MPERIA controllers designed to meet the need of inkjet technologies, inkjet coding machines, and industrial inkjet printers. Industrial inkjet printer, inkjet coders, inkjet technologies.
MPERIA OEM Controller

Optimized for machine builders wanting to integrate a robust, reliable, and cost-effective marking and coding solution in their production lines.

DOD Drop-on-demand valve jet printer system marking and coding large characters. DOD Inkjet Printer.
Drop-on-Demand Valve Inkjet

Robust and reliable large character marking.

High-Resolution Thermal Inkjet

Thermal inkjet coding of variable data, text and graphics at unprecedented speeds.

T-Series Piezo Inkjet Printing System used for effective marking and coding and printing traceability marks and barcodes on products, cases, and cartons. Piezo inkjet printer, piezo inkjet printing, best high resolution inkjet printer.
High-Resolution Piezo Inkjet

Print high-resolution graphics and spot color.


Six Ways MPERIA OEM Reduces Time to Market While Removing Integration Headaches

MPERIA OEM is the ideal solution for machine builders who desire marking and coding integration. It allows full control from within your user interface in an incredibly cost effective manner.

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OEM Marking Automation Video Case Study


What sets MPERIA OEM Controller apart from competitors' solutions?

MPERIA excels with its versatile, high-quality equipment, seamless integration capabilities, and extensive customization options, offering unparalleled support and cost-effectiveness.

Can the MPERIA OEM Controller accommodate different marking technologies?

Yes, MPERIA is designed for compatibility with various marking and coding accessories and technologies, ensuring flexibility in adapting to diverse production needs.

How does MPERIA address integration challenges faced with competitor's OEM controllers?

MPERIA tackles integration challenges with its flexible, cost-effective design, robust support, and compatibility with different systems, streamlining operations.

What are the benefits of MPERIA in terms of operational efficiency?

MPERIA enhances operational efficiency by simplifying complex configurations, reducing integration costs, and providing reliable support for optimized performance.

How can MPERIA OEM Controller improve customer satisfaction?

MPERIA ensures customer satisfaction by offering customization options, ease of operation, and seamless integration, resulting in a superior user experience. Your customers will love our robust and easy to use marking and coding systems!

OEM Support Documents

Product Data Sheet



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