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Matthews Marking Systems V-Series custom engineered printhead array.Specialized Engineering

We put the “right” in right-fit.  Though Matthews offers off-the-shelf solutions that work very well in many applications, we know one size does not fit all.  When it comes to tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements, our expert engineering team designs and creates what you need.  No matter your challenge, our in-house engineers have the industry experience and technical prowess to make sure the solution you require fits perfectly into your operation – maximizing productivity and efficiency for your production line.

Let us put our experience and technical know-how to work for you. Matthews Marking Systems specializes in:

  • Custom Software
  • Custom User Interfaces
  • Controls and Integration
  • Material Handling
  • Turn-key Automation
  • Traversing Systems
  • Logos and Kickplates
  • Custom Mounting





Challenges With Off-The-Shelf Solutions

Yes, we sell off-the-shelf solutions that more than satisfy many production line installations.  Yet our engineering team knows from experience that there are times when customization means more productivity and reduced costs.  If your situation requires it, not opting for a custom engineered solution will lead to inefficiencies and increased costs.  Your productivity can suffer with compatibility issues which ultimately impact your bottom line.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Choosing a custom-engineered solution from Matthews Marking Systems ensures precise alignment with your specific requirements. Experience seamless integration, heightened productivity, and substantial cost savings, tailored perfectly to optimize your operations and boost overall efficiency.

Quality engineering.

Don’t leave your investment in the hands of third-party integrators. We’re the experts at customizing our products to your specifications.

Bottom line efficiency.

We do the work so you don’t have to. Avoid costly shortcuts and work-arounds by integrating to your specifications right from the start.

Maximum productivity.

Get your line up and running with minimal interruptions on site, so your team can focus on what they do best.


What sets Matthews Marking Systems' solutions apart from off-the-shelf products?

Matthews Marking Systems’ solutions are custom-engineered, designed specifically for your unique requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf products, our tailored solutions ensure seamless integration, maximum productivity, and substantial cost savings.

Can Matthews Marking Systems help improve our production line without costly interruptions?

Absolutely. Our expert engineers specialize in on-site customization, minimizing disruptions to your operations. With our custom-engineered solutions, your production line can be enhanced for efficiency without compromising your team’s productivity.

How can Matthews Marking Systems assist in avoiding compatibility issues and integration challenges?

By choosing our custom solutions, you eliminate compatibility concerns. Our in-house engineers meticulously design software and hardware to match your specifications perfectly, ensuring smooth integration and seamless operation within your existing systems.

What benefits can we expect in terms of cost savings and efficiency by opting for a custom-engineered solution?

Matthews Marking Systems’ custom solutions guarantee significant cost savings by eliminating unnecessary features and ensuring optimal performance. Increased efficiency, reduced waste, and streamlined operations translate to long-term financial benefits for your business.

Why should we trust Matthews Marking Systems with our custom engineering needs?

Matthews Marking Systems stands out due to our commitment to quality engineering. Unlike third-party integrators, we are experts at customizing products to your precise specifications. With us, you can trust in tailored excellence, saving time, money, and maximizing your overall productivity.

Ready to transform your production line with precision and efficiency?

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