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Q&A: Marco Wishart

By calendar-iconJuly 19th, 2023

New Matthews Marking Systems General Manager Marco Wishart puts focus on seamless customer interactions, driving innovation Following the recent transition of the previous leadership team to expanded roles within Matthews International, Marco Wishart has joined Matthews Marking Systems as senior vice president and general manager of product identification and strategy. An electrical engineer by training,…

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Produce Traceability Success

By calendar-iconJuly 19th, 2023

How three produce suppliers improved PTI and profitability with marking From farm to table, the industry led Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is one of the most significant and impactful initiatives in the world of food. Its aim is to enhance the speed and efficiency of supply chain traceability for the six billion cases of produce marketed…

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Robot welding arm in the foreground with worker in the background.

Industry 5.0-Part2

By calendar-iconJuly 17th, 2023

As we discussed in our previous blog post on Industry 5.0, while the world remains firmly ensconced in bringing Industry 4.0 to fruition, the ideas behind Industry 5.0 are beginning to take hold, not just in Europe where this initiative started but across the globe. Industry 5.0 aims to address some of the immediately obvious…

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Industry 5.0 illustrated circle chart showing Human-centric, sustainable, and resilient.

Industry 5.0-Part1

By calendar-iconMay 25th, 2023

Rapid advancements in technology have resulted in unprecedented gains for industries across the globe, creating a wealth of opportunities for automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to change and enhance the way we – humans – work. But the speed with which new technologies have been, and continue to be, introduced has resulted in unforeseen issues…

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