Is it Time to Modernize Your Marking?

By calendar-iconApril 22nd, 2024

Three examples of how upgrading outdated marking and labeling equipment pays off In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, every minute lost to inefficiency creates an all-to-real risk of missed opportunities, a less competitive edge, and — ultimately — decreased profitability.  If there’s even one weak link, it can shut everything down. putting a company’s reputation and…

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Featured image of large stacked orange pipes.

Perfecting pipe and plastic product identification

By calendar-iconMarch 28th, 2024

How to choose the right inkjet coding solution for pipes and plastics manufacturing  Clear and durable marking and coding are critical for pipes and plastics manufacturers. Customers rely on identifying marks on pipes and plastics to ensure the right size and material type is used in specific applications, and marks play an important role in…

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Close up of mark on carton.

Direct Case Coding or Labeling?

By calendar-iconMarch 28th, 2024

When to choose direct marking over labeling for case coding: 3 real-life examples We’ve previously covered when you should choose automated labeling over direct marking here, so now let’s look at the other side. Virtually all secondary packaging requires some form of marking, whether brand logos and graphics, barcodes for traceability, or large human-readable text…

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Contruction site

Marking Technology for Building Products Showdown

By calendar-iconJanuary 17th, 2024

Battling it out for industrial building products marking supremacy By Kevin Havre Still using manual or other outdated methods to mark building products? It may be time to break away from the competition and upgrade your marking technology and processes. Manual marking on your building materials and products is inefficient and leads to errors and…

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Rubber factory conveyor

Overcoming Rubber and Tire Marking Challenges

By calendar-iconJanuary 16th, 2024

Is it time to retire your old, unreliable, poorly integrated, legacy rubber and tire marking systems? By Kevin Havre Marking, coding, and labeling have been a vital part of tire manufacturing since John Dunlop and Charles Goodyear discovered vulcanization and applied it to automotive tires in the late 1880s. Beginning in the 1980s and 1990s…

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