Rubber factory conveyor

Overcoming Rubber and Tire Marking Challenges

By calendar-iconJanuary 16th, 2024

Is it time to retire your old, unreliable, poorly integrated, legacy rubber and tire marking systems? By Kevin Havre Marking, coding, and labeling have been a vital part of tire manufacturing since John Dunlop and Charles Goodyear discovered vulcanization and applied it to automotive tires in the late 1880s. Beginning in the 1980s and 1990s…

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Man riding a bicycle.

CIJ vs. DOD/Valvejet

By calendar-iconFebruary 19th, 2024

A head-to-head throwdown featuring two of the most popular technologies in industrial marking and coding Walk into any manufacturing or packaging facility and ask to see the marking and coding equipment. Chances are that you’ll be shown either a continuous inkjet (CIJ) or a valvejet drop-on-demand (DOD) system: two of the most popular marking and…

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Close up of V-Series marks on white carboard box.

For Reliable Marking, Consider Valvejet Technology

By calendar-iconJune 7th, 2023

What makes valvejet printers the reliability champions? For marking applications involving harsh conditions, valvejet excels where all other inkjet technologies falter. Why? Let’s take a look. Marking industrial products – everything from metal pipes to large stacks of lumber– with codes and brand marks has been a necessity for decades. Before the advent of digital…

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Matthews booth staff at ITEC 2022

Center Stage at ITEC 2022

By calendar-iconMay 26th, 2023

Sustainability Takes Center Stage at Tire Industry Expo in Akron The recent International Tire Exposition and Conference (ITEC) 2022 and Tire Society’s 41st Annual Conference held in Akron, Ohio showcased the progress the tire industry is making on becoming more sustainable while delivering economic value and innovation. As a long-time partner to the tire industry,…

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