Stick lumber on a pallet

Mastering Lumber Grades: A Step-by-Step Guide

By calendar-iconJune 14th, 2024

Keep pace with a state-of-the-art lumber marking solution High-speed inkjet marking technology has come a long-way in the last few years. If you’re still using contact printing methods or it’s been a few years since you’ve looked at your print solution, it may be time to evaluate your options.  The latest advancements in print technology,…

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Printed marks on wood

Wood Industry: Leave a Lasting Impression

By calendar-iconJanuary 16th, 2024

Making a Name for Yourself: Efficient Wood Marking Solutions Boost Branding By Kevin Havre Every builder, contractor, and home renovator consumer is familiar with the sight of wood products with smeared, illegible, or faded marks. But what does that say about the brand? Just as a wine bottle label tells you about the quality of…

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Close up of metal with yellow ink markings

On the Mark #21

By calendar-iconSeptember 22nd, 2023

Marking as a Marketing Tool, Reshoring the Metal Industry, and ERP for SMB Catching up on interesting news and innovations in production, packaging and more  The “4 Ps” of marketing are no longer enough to present your brand in the best light Just ask anyone in your marketing department what the “4 Ps” are, and…

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Man riding a bicycle.

CIJ vs. DOD/Valvejet

By calendar-iconFebruary 19th, 2024

A head-to-head throwdown featuring two of the most popular technologies in industrial marking and coding Walk into any manufacturing or packaging facility and ask to see the marking and coding equipment. Chances are that you’ll be shown either a continuous inkjet (CIJ) or a valvejet drop-on-demand (DOD) system: two of the most popular marking and…

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