Close up of metal with yellow ink markings

On the Mark #21

By calendar-iconSeptember 22nd, 2023

Marking as a Marketing Tool, Reshoring the Metal Industry, and ERP for SMB Catching up on interesting news and innovations in production, packaging and more  The “4 Ps” of marketing are no longer enough to present your brand in the best light Just ask anyone in your marketing department what the “4 Ps” are, and…

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Close up of V-Series marks on white carboard box.

For Reliable Marking, Consider Valvejet Technology

By calendar-iconJune 7th, 2023

What makes valvejet printers the reliability champions? For marking applications involving harsh conditions, valvejet excels where all other inkjet technologies falter. Why? Let’s take a look. Marking industrial products – everything from metal pipes to large stacks of lumber– with codes and brand marks has been a necessity for decades. Before the advent of digital…

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Stacks of rolled steel.

Advanced Metal Marking

By calendar-iconMay 25th, 2023

Three Ways to Take Your Metal Marking to the Next Level Get insights on how to make marking worries a thing of the past…and then join us at upcoming metal industry conferences.   If you’re using older marking technologies like stamping and stenciling or need larger marks than possible with continuous ink jet (CIJ), you…

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V series printing on metal

Understanding Metal Marking

By calendar-iconMay 25th, 2023

Marking Technology 101: When and how to put the pedal to the metal Metal marking and coding has a long history. The first documented use of hallmarks – coded marks made on precious metals to certify their content or provenance – dates back to silver bars from around 350 AD. Ever since those early days,…

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