Small Footprint MPERIA Controller

Matthews Marking Systems Launches Small Footprint MPERIA 8” Controller

Regardless of the size or complexity of a production line, automating marking and coding systems can improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce errors. But such systems have often been out of reach for small and medium sized organizations due to cost or space concerns. Now Matthews Marking Systems is making those concerns a thing of the past with the introduction of the new MPERIA 8” controller.  

Based on the same robust and powerful core software as all of Matthews’ MPERIA controllers, the new MPERIA 8” features an 8-in. capacitive high resolution touch screen, rugged packaging, an intuitive user interface and affordable pricing. With its small footprint, the MPERIA 8” controller can be installed in even the tightest confines without the need to change or reconfigure production lines. 

MPERIA 8 inch controller

Despite its compact form factor, the MPERIA 8” is a full workstation that can be used to automate and drive coding across a busy production line. Tapping into an extensive library of plugins, the MPERIA 8” delivers centralized control and the ability to drive printers, scanners, vision systems and other equipment. 

For further automation, the MPERIA controllers can coordinate marking data with ERP, WMS, PLC and other back-office systems without the need for complex middleware. This allows messages to be created automatically from unique codes, product identification, serialization and batching. 

The MPERIA 8” controller features the same responsive interface used across the MPERIA Platform so operators can edit messages on the production line and follow intuitive, on-screen directions for printer setup and other functions. An included stylus allows operators to make configuration changes and message edits without removing their gloves.  

With a robust IP55 rating, the controller can handle installation in harsh and dusty or damp production environments and withstand low-pressure washdowns. It is also engineered to perform in facilities with high levels of static electricity or EMC emissions. 

The MPERIA 8” controller is available now globally. Learn more about the MPERIA automated marking platform.

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