Bag Marking Success Stories

Better marking is in the bag for these manufacturers

We’re letting the cat out of the bag (marking) on your packaging operations! Large bags of dusty cement, pet food bags for Fido, or fresh produce hitting the market; bag marking can be a challenge.   

Unlike cardboard, the flexibility, different shapes, and substrates of bags make marking them tougher than their rigid counterparts. And if you’re dealing with a harsh manufacturing environment, it’s even more complex. 

We have your bag marking challenges covered, check out how these two companies knocked it out of the park.  

Olympic Fruit reduces labor and supercharges productivity with automated bag marking

Olympic Fruit had been hand-applying stickers to their bags of delicate produce, dealing with this time consuming, expensive and inefficient process. 

To solve the problem, Olympic turned to Haley Manufacturing, a leader in high-quality packaging equipment and integration solutions. Specializing in delicate fruit products, Haley provided an integrated solution combining its gentle bagging equipment with Matthews Marking’s MPERIA® L-Series L12 Thermal Inkjet marking and coding solution.

Apples in plastic bags being marked on.

Haley connected its automated baggers to batching systems fed by different sizing, grading, or weighing units. Ready-to-fill bags pass by the integrated L-Series TIJ printer for printing lot information, use-by-date, or barcodes. Once printed, the bags progress to filling and are then sealed and discharged to an automatic weight-checking station before being sent for boxing and palletization. 

Outstanding Results

  • Increased production by over 15%, helping Olympic project a 2.3 year ROI based on labor savings.
  • Increased throughput by about 15 tons/hour across its entire production operation.
  • Reduced labor – one automated pouch bagger replaces 2-3 individuals, and the Matthews’ MPERIA® L-Series replaces at least another person previously hand labeling all the bags.
  • Flexibility to pack an additional 30,000 bins per year without adding additional shifts or overtime hours.
  • The TIJ solution proved to be significantly more cost-effective than CIJ and has saved on maintenance expenses as well.

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Petrochemical company lowers cost per mark, sets stage for growth

Petrochemical company LCY CHEMICAL CORP needed an updated marking solution as their existing system wasn’t cutting it. Their production line process included printing on Kraft Paper Bags with a dated inkjet printer.  

The legacy printing software was no longer compatible with their modern production lines. Plus, LCY wanted to shorten lead times for system parts and ink, increase efficiency of ink usage, and the ability to scale for production line expansions.  

Industrial & Shippers Supply, Inc. (ISSI) assessed their current and future needs. That assessment yielded the Matthews Marking VIAjet V-Series with an MPERIA® controller. 

 The V-Series inkjet printer is considered the fastest and most reliable in the industry, making it the perfect solution for LCY’s harsh industrial environment. The printer runs 9 billion cycles before tuning is required and supports line speeds up to 780 ft/min (240 m/min). 

LCY concrete bags being marked on

Outstanding Results

  • The rugged and reliable V-Series inkjet printer design meets the demands of the plant’s extreme environment.
  • The solution has improved efficiency in terms of ink usage and reduced costs compared to alternatives such as CIJ.
  • Ease of use has significantly reduced training time.
  • The system’s large range of printing allows operators to make precise edits.
  • The Matthews solution supports expansion into marking and coding on new production lines and third-party equipment, giving LCY the ability to scale with ease.

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Ready for your own bag marking success story?

Every manufacturer is different, so your perfect bag marking solution likely won’t be the same as the stories you’ve read here. But when you work with an experienced provider like Matthews, you can be sure you are getting a custom bag marking solution that solves your unique challenges.

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