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Robust Inkjet Marking Solutions for Demanding Production Lines

Discover our range of robust and low-maintenance industrial inkjet printers, including thermal inkjet (TIJ), Drop-on-demand (DOD), and piezo inkjet (PIJ) technologies. The L-Series thermal inkjet is your high-speed, high-resolution printing differentiator on diverse packaging; from 2D codes and barcodes to lot/batch codes.  Our V-Series DOD valvejet printers stand above everybody else in the industry with unbeatable reliability in harsh environments marking the widest variety of substrates.  Last, but not least, our T-Series piezo inkjet gives you vibrant branding, durability, and cost-efficiency, making it perfect for direct carton marking and enhancing traceability initiatives.  We have the right industrial inkjet solution for your production operation, check us out.

Challenges with Competing Systems

Competing industrial ink marking systems with low acquisition costs might seem attractive, but unreliability and frequent operator interventions drive your production costs up and efficiency down.  Varying maintenance requirements can lead to operational complexities and cause your downtime to spike – repeatedly.  They can also use low-quality inks that compromise print quality, leading to frequent replacements and increased operational costs.

MPERIA Standard Controller - marking and coding automation platform software that drives various marking, labeling, and inkjet technologies.Industrial Inkjet Systems You Can Count On

Our inkjet solutions are engineered for durability, longevity, and unmatched efficiency featuring top-tier inks.  We’ve been in this industry, focused on your industry, for over 100 years – we know how important your mark is.  We design our inkjet solutions for smooth, efficient operations while consistently delivering high-quality marking and coding.  Our inkjet offerings provide seamless integration, reducing compatibility issues and streamlining your production process.  With efficient maintenance and top-quality ink, we ensure your mark is consistently printed while operational costs are minimized − all powered by our MPERIA® automated marking platform.

Learn More About Our Inkjet Systems

Lineup of five MPERIA controllers designed to meet the need of inkjet technologies, inkjet coding machines, and industrial inkjet printers. Industrial inkjet printer, inkjet coders, inkjet technologies.
MPERIA® Automated Marking Controller & Platform

The only universal marking and coding automation platform on the market that works with virtually any hardware or software.

Matthews Marking Systems industrial inkjet printer, the V-Series 8000 printhead-32V, is a robust industrial inkjet coder and drop on demand (DOD) industrial inkjet technology. industrial inkjet printer; inkjet technologies; inkjet printer for packaging; inkjet coding machines; inkjet marking; industrial ink marking systems.
Durable Drop-on-Demand Valve Inkjet

Robust and reliable large character marking.

High-Resolution Thermal Inkjet

Thermal inkjet coding of variable data, text and graphics at unprecedented speeds.

The MPERIA-T100E Accuscan is an inkjet coding machine that utilizes inkjet technology to print high-quality and precise codes, labels, or markings on various surfaces. It is designed for simplicity and efficiency in coding and marking applications. industrial inkjet printer; inkjet technologies; inkjet printer for packaging; inkjet coding machines; inkjet marking; industrial ink marking systems
High-Resolution Piezo Inkjet

A cost-effective alternative to adhesive labels and pre-printed corrugated boxes and cartons that prints graphics and spot color.

Reduce downtime.

No more messy inks and maintenance issues slowing your line down. The reliability of our drop-on-demand, thermal and Piezo Inkjet solutions make them easy to use and a snap to maintain.

Reduce costs.

Our advanced nozzle design reduces ink consumption and our bulk ink options keep your line running longer between ink changes, letting you do more for less.

High quality, high speed, highly scalable.

Easily scale up without sacrificing quality. Get clear, crisp marks at high speeds with the ability to add multiple printheads for larger marks.

What our customer's say

We actually compared the Matthews solution with almost every other product out there. Matthews really stood ahead of everyone else, not just for the simplicity and ease of use of the actual print system, but it was really easy to get product.

Tony Atchley, Ventura Pacific

Since we’ve gone with the Matthews system, for the first time in twelve years, I feel bulletproof with the marking.

Coby Gifford, EstiFrame Technologies, A Simpson Strong-Tie Company

We really enjoy this equipment. It’s clean, easy to maintain, easy to read, and very quick. I highly recommend Matthews to other suppliers. They have a great product, and they have also provided great service.


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