Automated Marking System

An easy-to-use marking system that operates as a data platform, printhead controller and code verification system with all the features you need when you need them.


MPERIA Standard Controller - marking and coding automation platform software. automated marking system, automated marking machines, marking automation.

Automated Marking Excellence with MPERIA®

An innovative and user-friendly system designed to streamline your production line from product to pallet. With MPERIA, integration is a breeze, as no custom software or server hardware is required. Seamlessly integrate into your existing environment, utilizing your current enterprise systems and legacy equipment.

Expand your production capabilities effortlessly with MPERIA. Add equipment to your line or extend to multiple production lines—the system’s unparalleled performance ensures smooth operations throughout. The ability to integrate verification systems guarantee the accuracy and readability of prints at every point, maintaining impeccable product quality.

Challenges without Automated Marking

Without automated marking, your production line faces significant challenges and drawbacks.  Manual marking processes are prone to human error, leading to inconsistent and inaccurate marking or labeling.  This results in product mix-ups, quality issues, and potential recalls.  Lack of automated marking also hampers product traceability, leading to inventory management problems and hindering response time to product issues or recalls.  Manual coding is time-consuming and slows production rates, reducing your overall efficiency while increasing costs.  In adopting automated marking for your production line or operation, you optimize processes, maintain regulatory compliance, and maximize productivity on your production line.

The Smart Automated Marking Solution

The MPERIA automated marking solution addresses the challenges effectively by providing seamless integration into existing production environments, ensuring accurate and consistent marking to eliminate human errors. The ability to integrate verification systems guarantee readability and precision, enhancing product traceability throughout the supply chain. With a user-friendly interface controlling all equipment from a single platform, MPERIA reduces training requirements and streamlines message creation by coordinating marking data with ERP, WMS, PLCs, or big data systems. Its automated code and message changeovers increase efficiency and minimize errors, while real-time alerts enable quick responses to coding errors or equipment faults. MPERIA’s unmatched performance supports multiple print heads, handling up to 900 unique codes per second, maximizing productivity and enabling efficient production line operations.

Unique in its Class, MPERIA® Elevates Marking Standards

What our customers say

MPERIA platform is so easy to use, compared to having to operate through a small touchscreen on a localized unit, I can sit in my office with the AC on, and custom modify labels and make changes on the fly.

Tony Atchley, Ventura Pacific

We really enjoy this equipment. It’s clean, easy to maintain, easy to read, and very quick. I highly recommend Matthews to other suppliers. They have a great product, and they have also provided great service.

Ken Wileman, General Manager, Porterville Citrus, Inc. (PCI)
Simplified Operation.

MPERIA’s single user interface puts you in control of all equipment—printers, barcode readers, vision systems, scales, and actuators. Minimize equipment touches and reduce training requirements for line operators and maintenance personnel.

System Redundancy.

MPERIA ensures system redundancy and flexibility with backup print equipment that’s automatically activated when needed. Coordinate marking data effortlessly with ERP, WMS, PLCs, or big data systems for automated message creation, encompassing unique codes, product identification, serialization, and batching.

Efficiency and Scalability.

Automate code and message changeovers to minimize user error and costly recalls. Validate codes, text, and graphics with integrated vision systems, dynamically ensuring accurate codes through real-time clock synchronization. Stay ahead of coding errors or equipment faults with centralized real-time visual or text alerts.

MPERIA controls printers, barcode readers, vision systems, scales, and actuators — including third-party equipment. The hardware interface is available in a range of controller options for your specific application.

Images of five MPERIA controllers in a row that show the various sizes and enclosures of the controller. automated marking system, automated marking machines, marking automation.


Automated, Centralized, and Adaptable Marking and Coding Platform

Simplify your setup. Scale your operations when ready.

Consolidated control over all marking and coding across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging lines just got easier. MPERIA seamlessly integrates with virtually any coding equipment, data file or enterprise system. It’s so adaptable, you’ll never need to re-engineer existing data systems or modify current workflows.

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Packaging Line Marking and Coding. Simplified.

Take control of disparate marking equipment on your packaging line and unleash production line productivity. Simplify your setup, scale operations when ready, and centralize marking control or deploy per station to control your packaging line your way.

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Learn How MPERIA Removes Integration Headaches While Reducing Human Error

8 Ways MPERIA Reduces IT Headaches

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White Paper

4 Ways to Reduce Secondary Packaging Costs

We explain how direct carton marking technology, controlled by MPERIA® works and outlines the four ways a shipper can reduce costs by replacing pre-printed boxes with direct carton marking.

Reduce secondary packaging costs white paper


What is meant by automated marking and coding on a production line?

Automated marking and coding on a production line refer to the process of using automated systems and technologies to label, mark, or code products as they move along the production line. This practice is essential in various manufacturing industries to ensure proper identification, tracking, and quality control of products throughout the production process and supply chain.

What industries can benefit from using MPERIA?

MPERIA is versatile and applicable across various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, and more. Its adaptability allows it to cater to diverse production needs.

Does MPERIA require specialized software or hardware for integration?

No, MPERIA does not require custom software or server hardware for integration. It seamlessly integrates into your existing production environment, utilizing current enterprise systems and legacy equipment.

How does MPERIA enhance product traceability and quality control?

MPERIA’s integrated verification systems ensure accurate and readable prints at every stage, from product to pallet, improving traceability. It also allows for automated code and message changeovers, reducing errors and recalls, thus enhancing quality control.

Can MPERIA support multiple printheads and codes?

Yes, MPERIA boasts unmatched performance, supporting hundreds of print heads from a single controller, handling up to an impressive 900 unique codes per second.

What benefits does MPERIA offer in terms of operational efficiency?

Yes, MPERIA offers centralized real-time visual or text alerts, enabling quick responses to coding errors or equipment malfunctions, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing productivity.

How does MPERIA streamline message creation and data coordination?

MPERIA effortlessly coordinates marking data with ERP, WMS, PLCs, or big data systems, automating message creation, serialization, and batching. This streamlining simplifies the process and ensures accurate and timely data exchange throughout the production line.

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