New! Fast-Dry, Solvent-Based TIJ Ink with 24-Hour Open Time

Matthews Marking Systems, a leading manufacturer of marking and coding products, announces LS-6023, a fast-dry, solvent-based ink developed specifically for thermal ink jet (TIJ) print technologies in single-use cartridges and bulk ink delivery system.

LS-6023 provides numerous advantages to manufacturers, including a 1-2 second dry time and excellent substrate adhesion on semi-porous materials including coated stock, ceramics, and wood. LS-6023 also dries quickly (2 -5 seconds) on non-porous materials, such as PVC, PETE, nylon, steel, and rubber. LS-6023 has an open time of 24-72 hours in a majority of manufacturing environments, resulting in decreased maintenance and easier production line startup. LS-6023 utilizes a solvent resistant bladder cartridge that extends cartridge shelf life up to 7 months when stored at room temperature. Refrigerated storage (5C/40F) extends shelf life up to 12 months.

Matthews’ new solvent-based 1-liter bulk system, designed specifically for LS-6023, reduces the inks exposure to the environment, minimizing the effects that temperature and pressure variations can have on system performance and extends the life of each cartridge. Compared to competitors, Matthews’ LS-6023 solvent bulk system yields up to 2 ½ times the ink per cartridge.

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