Matthews Offers Total Brand Solutions with New Brand Center

Pittsburgh, PA (October 10, 2013) – Matthews Brand Solutions is pleased to announce the opening of its new Brand Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

While its Bakery Square location, at 6515 Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh, has been part of Matthews for 46 years, it recently underwent a major renovation and reconfiguration. The space currently houses Matthews Marking Systems, a business group of Matthews Brand Solutions. As part of the renovation, two additional Brand Solution groups, Packaging Americas and Merchandising Solutions, join Marking Systems in the renovated space.

“This consolidation of multiple groups into one location provides a great opportunity for us to collaborate and deliver a total solution to our customers,” says Don Cyrus, Vice President, Americas. Approximately 80 employees from various Pittsburgh-area Matthews’ locations will move to the Brand Center by mid-October.

This move is beneficial for both Matthews and its customers. With seven manufacturing sites, multiple customer on-site facilities, and a creative team located across the United States, creating a centralized brand center allows these teams to work more efficiently together. “This new space represents our strategic direction to bring together Matthews’ core disciplines to service world-class brands,” states Dave Ball, President, Brand Centers Americas.

Matthews International employs over 5300 people worldwide. The new Brand Center will be home to approximately 125 employees, including creative designers, account managers, plate makers, production artists, marketing managers, and service specialists.

For more information on Matthews’ new Brand Center, contact Lyndsey Farrow, Marketing Communications, at 412-665-2536. Matthews Brand Solutions is a business group of Matthews International Corporation.