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Product identification solutions for wood, metal, glass, plastic, pipe, tire, corrugate, bottles, and cans…whatever you need to mark on, we make it possible.

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Worldwide support, simple-to-operate software, fast-drying inks, and durable marking and coding machines are why customers trust us to help them achieve increased overall equipment effectiveness.

Marking systems for traceability, branding, and product ID

Matthews Marking overview on marking and labeling box. Product ID and coding and marking solutions.

Welcome to Matthews Marking Systems, your trusted partner for cutting-edge coding systems designed for optimal product ID, traceability, and branding. Our commitment to your marking and coding excellence is reflected in our range of reliable marking machines, including printers and labelers, engineered to seamlessly integrate into your production line.

Advanced coding and marking technology

At Matthews, we understand the critical role that marking and coding plays in achieving traceability and clear product ID. Our solutions go beyond traditional methods, offering speed, durability, and reliability. You can finally replace old marking technology and explore our advanced coding systems, featuring high-speed thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers, drop-on-demand (DOD) printers, piezo inkjet printers, and automatic labeling machines.

Automated marking platform

Our signature MPERIA® automated marking platform powers these innovative systems, providing a comprehensive solution to your coding and marking challenges. With the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs, MPERIA is the world’s only universal product ID controller, seamlessly compatible with a wide range of third-party printers and accessories. This compatibility ensures efficient and cost-effective line expansion, making Matthews the go-to choice for businesses worldwide.

Reliable solutions

We take pride in our commitment to quality, evident in every mark our systems produce. From simple-to-operate software to efficient marking solutions and fast-drying inks, Matthews is dedicated to enhancing your production efficiency. Experience the difference with our marking and coding lineup that prioritizes speed, durability, and reliability.

Choose Matthews for a complete marking solution that communicates quality in every mark. Explore our diverse range of marking and coding technologies and elevate your production line to new heights.

Customer Testimonials

“As a systems integrator to the lumber industry, Progress Engineering has found Matthews to be good value for our clients who need board printing solutions. We have used them for both end-of-board and on-face printing applications. The equipment is durable and the pricing is reasonable. All-in-all, a good choice for this industry.”

John Murray - Director, Business Development

“I chose Matthews because I was able to talk with someone live on the phone when first calling them, and a Matthews Sales Rep followed up with an email. One of the greatest benefits of being a customer is to be personally trained in our building, and demo the systems before buying.”

Clifford Potters - Operations Manager

“I would recommend Matthews to anyone that is interested in looking for printing solutions, as they have been a pleasure to work with in person or on the telephone. Their team has made me very happy that we chose Matthews for our printing solutions. Also, the install was amazing.”

Allan Ritchie - Maintenance Supervisor

We were given the most outstanding after-sales support and (Matthews has) continued to solve any issues we faced during the past five years.

(Matthews) helped us to upgrade our system and we achieved high quality printing with substantial savings.

The outstanding performance of Matthews, and our Sales Rep in particular, motivated us to make another investment with confidence. We shared our success story with our sister companies and several plants are currently purchasing or planning to acquire Matthews systems.

Alex Iskander - Continuous Improvement Manager

Maintain optimal efficiency at all times with reliable marking systems you can trust day in, day out. With our innovative solutions, you get products designed to take the hassle out of marking and coding on your production line.


No matter what you’re trying to mark, no matter how your production lines are set up, we’ll make it happen. From out-of-the-box products to custom engineered systems and ink, you’ll get the best solution for your production.


We understand your industry and speak your language based on over 170 years in marking and coding.  We’re not a fly-by-night operation.  You’ll get support today, tomorrow and beyond – we’ve got you covered.

Discover why the automated MPERIA® platform is like no other.



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