Pallet Labeling

The MPERIA A-Series is an automatic industrial label printer that provides consistently precise label printing, placement, and validation on three sides. The simplicity of design makes it easy to operate with quick label changing and tool-free maintenance.
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Pallet Labeling Made Easy

Ensure your production line hits peak productivity; print, apply, and validate pallet labels with one automatic labeling printer.  The MPERIA A-Series is engineered to safely, precisely print and apply labels on pallets rolling down your production lines.  Simple, tool-free maintenance of printheads, rollers, and drive belts are all easily accessed.  System longevity is maximized, and failure points minimized thanks to the single-piece, solid-construction frame, sealed ball bearings, and brushless DC motors, even in challenging environments.  Safety is paramount with the A-Series, no bulky cages needed.

Precise placement.

The A-Series delivers consistent, exact label placement with configurations for virtually any application. Label validation gives you peace of mind and ensures dependable quality.

Designed for safety.

Safety is engineered into the design of the A-Series with intelligent control to reduce trap points, allowing you to integrate the system without bulky cages or bold-on protection.

Easy to install and operate.

Flexibility is key with the A-Series with multiple mounting options and pre-loaded test layouts. The intuitive MPERIA controller is easy-to-use, allowing operators to focus on what’s important.  The label path is effortlessly accessed, making label and ribbon change-outs a cinch.

A-Series T63 with FlexWipe applicator advantages:

  • Automatically label up to three sides
  • Up to 5 pallets per minute labeled (double-sided labeling)
  • Cages and bolt-on protection is a thing of the past
  • Easy, tool-free maintenance
  • Small footprint (less than 3.3ft², 1m²)
  • Incomplete and/or stacked pallets are easily handled
  • Code validation is integrated, no need for third-party hardware or software
  • Easily tackles tough environments (operation to -18°F)
  • Rough, uneven and/or cold surfaces pose no issues
  • Intuitive operation assured with the MPERIA platform
  • GS1-compliant labeling
  • Print labels up to DIN A5 format
  • Landscape and portrait modes handled automatically
Matthews A-Series T-63 Flexwipe labeler

FlexWipe Pallet Labeling, label up to three sides

Fully compliant with GS1 pallet labeling standards, the FlexWipe applicator prints and applies labels up to A5.  It can label up to three sides without stopping the pallet on your production line.  Rotary joints automatically switch between landscape and portrait orientation without affecting labeling speed, unlike many competitors (which require changing the application mechanism).

Diagram showing where the Matthews A-Series can label on three sides of a stack of boxes on a pallet.

No bulky cages and tool-free maintenance

Diagram comparing labelers showing a person trapped on the left one and a person not trapped in the right.

You don’t have to incur the extra expense and inconvenience of installing cages or bolt-on protection with the A-Series.  Minimal moving parts and intelligent sensors keep workers safe.  If an operator or production line worker accidently moves between the applicator and pallet as the A-Series activates, the applicator arm switches off immediately and retracts.  The entire labeler swings out of the danger area.

Additionally, maintaining and servicing the A-Series is a breeze.  The printhead, rollers, and drive belts are easily accessible and don’t require tools.  A label change-out can be finished in as little as 20-seconds.

Great things come in small packages

Apply labels how you need, the FlexWipe applicator rotates 360 (degrees) giving you ultimate flexibility.  Marking in 4 positions is effortless thanks to independent control and multiple stepping motors.  Install as you need: the A-Series takes up less than a square meter (3.3ft²) of floor space, removing any headaches about integration with your existing production lines.

Diagram of possible label positions with the A-Series pallet labeler.

Label your stacked and/or incomplete pallets, simply and quickly

Diagram showing A-Series automatic labeling of stacked and incomplete pallets by motorized tripod.

Fully automated pallet labeling is within reach.  Utilizing a motorized stand, the A-Series labels stacked pallets or incomplete pallets in a range of 29.14″ to 84.25″ (740 mm to 2140 mm). Whether your pallets are stacked two-high or the last of your production means an incomplete pallet, the A-Series handles it with ease.

Validate your label regardless of rough conditions

Assurance comes standard when labeling with the A-Series.  An integrated camera system on the applicator automatically ensures printed codes are legible, giving you confidence in your traceability initiative.  Additionally, brushes on both sides of the applicator pad make certain that the label is successfully applied – even when the surface is rough, uneven, or cold.

Front and back of A-Series Flexwipe brush applicator

Frigid temps? No problem!

Say goodbye to your cold-storage labeling headaches, the A-Series excels when it’s icy.  Excellent operation when the temps drop to -18°F (-28°C) without the need for heaters or special housing.

Intuitive, scalable, powerful control

MPERIA Controller in production environment

You get the best labeling hardware with a controller to rule them all.  Our MPERIA controller gives you an easy-to-use color touchscreen your operators will love, the ability to automate data from your backend business system, and drive not only your A-Series labeling, but other marking technology and peripheral devices (i.e. vision systems).



Automated Print and Apply Labeling with MPERIA® A-Series

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A-Series industrial label machine on tall stand from Matthews Marking Systems
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