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Matthews Showcases Wood Industry Leadership at APA Annual Meeting

The APA Annual Meeting and the EWTA’s Info Fair held recently in Miami, Florida felt like “old home week” for many of us at Matthews Marking Systems. It was a chance to connect with our many customers and partners across the engineered wood industry and to showcase our industry leading marking and coding solutions.   

As a long-time supplier to the engineered wood products industry, Matthews helps customers – including virtually all the major brands in North America and Canada – gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. We accomplish this using our workhorse drop on demand (DOD) inkjet and thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers that provide customers with reliable operation and the maximum possible uptime.  

EWTA booth photo with four booth staffers

The APA annual meeting and EWTA’s Info Fair gave the Matthews team plenty of opportunity to talk about marking and coding solutions for engineered wood products.

Needless to say, reliability and quality are high on the list of priorities for the wood products industry. Marking and coding products that can’t withstand dusty, harsh environments will be quickly shown the door at busy operations measured by production efficiency and strict quality standards. That Matthews Marking Systems has long-served as the go-to marking and coding supplier for the industry speaks volumes about our track record. We also continue to evolve and grow with the industry itself.

Engineered wood comes in all shapes and sizes. From traditional plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) to structural elements based on glulam or PSL, these products have become a staple of the building industry and home improvement projects around the world. Despite their variations, the one thing engineered wood products have in common is a need for high quality coding and marking.

Marks are needed on individual products to meet association and regulatory requirements, to assist with track and trace or for branding such as on large stacks of finished products. Like the wood itself, there’s often an engineering effort involved with adapting industrial printers to meet the needs of a specific plant or facility.

As a full-service supplier, Matthews is skilled at building custom-engineered solutions tailored to customers’ requirements that help to increase productivity, reduce waste and improve overall efficiency.

The highly reliable 7-, 16- and 32-valve drop on demand printheads and the MPERIA universal print controller we demonstrated at the EWTA Info Fair lead the industry. And we deliver innovations like water-based and sustainable low-VOC inks that help customers such as this OSB manufacturer meet environmental responsibility guidelines. To keep lines running, we can supply inks in bulk ranging from 1-5-gallon buckets all the way up to 275-gallon totes.

To learn more about how Matthews can solve your toughest wood marking challenges or to obtain a sample mark, complete the contact form below or email us at [email protected]. Learn more about marking systems on our wood and lumber marking page.

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