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Q&A: Marco Wishart

By calendar-iconJuly 19th, 2023

New Matthews Marking Systems General Manager Marco Wishart puts focus on seamless customer interactions, driving innovation Following the recent transition of the previous leadership team to expanded roles within Matthews International, Marco Wishart has joined Matthews Marking Systems as senior vice president and general manager of product identification and strategy. An electrical engineer by training,…

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How Marking and Coding Supports Your OEE Goals

By calendar-iconApril 1st, 2024

As your products travel down the production line there is a split second of action that can have a significant impact on the productivity of the entire manufacturing process. Marking and coding holds a small yet mighty place on the factory floor, as those marks can often hold critical information for product safety and traceability.…

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Example mark on wood product that says Sustainable Forestry Initiative SFI-00003.

Wood Marking Upgrade

By calendar-iconDecember 15th, 2023

Here’s Why It May Be Time to Up Your Wood Marking Game The technology you use for industrial wood coding and marking matters If your lumber processing or building products operation is still using contact printing with stamps, stencils or roller coders for wood marking your lumber, OSB, plywood or other products, you are missing…

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