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Non-Porous Inks

Matthews is an industry leader of specialized inks for non-porous substrates. Designed to quickly dry and adhere without the aid of a dryer and without modifying the substrate, these inks work exceptionally well with plastics, metals, and wood in industrial applications, and foils, glass, and coated stocks commonly used in Consumer Packaged Goods packaging.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Matthews high quality inks enable customers to produce high quality marks while reducing clean up, downtime, and maintenance costs – all key factors in fast paced production environment of consumer packaged goods manufacturers.

The LS-7001, an MEK-based ink, offers an impressive 2-second dry time, 40-minute open time, and high-quality print on non-porous materials including a large variety of plastics, foils, polyfilms, and metals. With a lower MEK content the LS-7011 thermal ink also offers a 2 second dry time and 40 minute open time.  The L-Series ink cartridge, which utilizes more print nozzles for a high speed, high resolution (up to 600 dpi) mark, meets the needs of consumer packaged goods companies looking to maintain or improve fast production speeds while enhancing mark quality.


Matthews knowledge of industrial markets runs deep, giving us the experience and expertise to know which resins and dyes/pigments form the right solution for the right application. Our inks, combined with our exclusive micro-valve printhead technology, provides tremendous reliability, easy maintenance, and dramatically lower ink consumption, all while maintaining impressive print quality and speed.

For non-porous applications, more aggressive drop on demand inks are required to adhere to plastics and metals. Matthews offers a variety of drop on demand valve jet inks to meet your needs, including specialty inks for harsh, hot, or cold environments.

  • Ethyl acetate based inks
  • Acetone based inks
  • Ethanol based inks
  • MEK based inks
  • N-Propanol inks

Each solvent base is chosen to meets a unique requirement for non-porous application, providing distinctive characteristics such as excellent UV stability, extremely fast drying time, HAPS free, or VOC-exempt status.

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