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Manual & Pneumatic Impact Presses

Using the impact indenting method, the entire message is indented at one time using an impact press with a press-style die, holder and changeable type or numbering head. The force to indent the product is produced by a compression spring in the impact press. The machine and tooling selected is determined by the size of the inscription and the resistance (hardness) of the material.

Matthews’ impact presses are available in six models for manual or pneumatic operation with an indenting force ranging from 1/2 ton to 8-1/2 tons. Production rates are limited by the speed of loading and unloading the press.

Press indenting is useful for marking on products which require long production runs, precise mark registration and controlled marking. Indenting can be achieved as part of the production process or as a separate operation.

Manual: Pneumatic:
MB15 0.5 Ton
MB20 3 Ton
MB32 7 Ton
MB19 0.75 Ton
MB21 3.75 Ton
MB35 8.5 Ton


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