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Matthews Drop on Demand 8000+ Print Head

Our new 8000+ Series Printhead is one of the most reliable drop-on-demand technologies in the industry, due to its unique design. The exclusive micro-valve technology allows for tremendous reliability, easy maintenance, and dramatically lower ink consumption while maintaining impressive print quality and speed. With 9 choices, it also meets any large character marking needs.


  • 6 billion cycles before tuning, outlasting the competition by 6 times.
  • handles non-porous ink without typical clogging issues, making it the perfect solution for clay-coat and plastic cases, stretch film wrapping cases, and non-porous containers.
  • performs well with inks formulated with aggressive fast-dry solvents.

Easy maintenance:  The integral 3-way valve in the 8000+ series 16V and 32V printheads makes cleaning easier for long-term shutdowns of the system.

Low ink consumption: Precision jewels set in the 8000+ series stainless steel faceplate provide dramatically lower ink consumption, and a lower cost per code. Matthews has a variety of inks for standard and specialty applications:

High Print Quality: The 8000+ series offers a choice of 7, 16, and 32 valves per head with three nozzle options: mini, midi, and maxi. These printheads can be stacked for large graphics and mounted over, under, or beside a production line, making integration seamless.

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