Everything is markable.

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27-31 May 2019
Hall 016
Stand B16

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Challenging is not the same as impossible.

Marking on all kinds of wood is among the things we have the most experience doing. We have been through it all. Sure, there will always be challenges, but we choose to look at these as opportunities. Over the years, we have successfully assisted our clients in getting to grips with complex situations when it comes to marking on wood. What’s your challenge?

Stack marking. And much more.

Wood is One. Tough. Industry. We have been part of the wood industry for as long as we can remember, so we know what there is to know about stack marking, reliability, track and trace and so on. We mark everything.

Robust, fast and sustainable solutions.

We love challenges and see them as opportunities. We are well aware of the harsh environments in the wood industry. All the more important, then, that the solutions we provide are robust, fast and reliable. And they are. What’s your challenge? Tell us, and we’ll show you how everything is markable.

All about timber

Ligna is all about timber, as you would expect from a trade fair carrying this name. Matthews Marking Systems will be there, as you would expect from a market leader. We’ll be there with the perspective that everything is markable. We look forward to seeing as many of our clients and non-clients as possible at this year’s Ligna!

One of our greatest natural resources

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