On the Mark #2

On the Mark #2: Alternative packaging, manufacturing and sustainability 

Catching up on interesting news and innovations in production, packaging and more 

Good plastics v alternative packaging materials.

Innovation in packaging is key to determining the way forward in sustainable solutions. A recent survey conducted by Packaging Gateway asked packaging experts and consumers about their views on preferred packaging materials for a sustainable future. Although about half of the respondents prefer alternative materials over plastic, 38% deemed “good plastic” the best option if it was part of a circular economy. The pros and cons of plastics vs. alternative packaging options is complex, particularly when weighing product requirements and consumer perceptions. Source: packaging-gateway.com.   

How prototyping helps metal fabricators grow in manufacturing.

Metal fabricators have the difficult task of bringing custom products to market, even when the design is less than ideal. The author suggests that, to make the best products, fabricators must focus on prototyping and continually iterating on design based on data and feedback. As well, when manufacturers can think like a product designer, focusing on prototyping, expediting options and forming rich customer relationships through effective communication, the most successful business outcomes will occur. Source: thefabricator.com.  

Build a sustainable manufacturing facility.

Sustainability in manufacturing includes many facets, such as operations within a facility, transportation, materials used in packaging, and even people, including the workforce as well as the surrounding community. The article argues that sustainable practices should be addressed from the very beginning and walks through the benefits as well as ideas for incorporating sustainable practices at many levels. Source: profoodworld.com. 

Reuse is on the rise, but ‘much more needs to be done’.

The pressure to cut single-use plastics has fueled growth in the reusable/refillable packaging market. According to a new report from Smithers, the reusable/refillable packaging market will reach a value of $53.5 billion in 2027, up from $35.1 billion in 2017. The report identifies four business models for CPGs including refill-at-home, return-from-home, refill-in-store, and return-in-store. Success for each depends on the product and tailoring each to consumer needs and wants, while employing systems that are as simple as possible. The report also advises several new technologies to improve the success of reuse/refill packaging. Source: www.packworld.com.