On the Mark #1

On the Mark #1: Robots, traceability and sustainability

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What CPGs can achieve with robots and cobots plus common hurdles.

CPGs are turning to robots and collaborative robots or cobots as they are known to reduce labor and repetitive tasks and to increase speed and productivity among other benefits. In fact, nine out of ten CPGs are turning to robotics. But several concerns remain, such as a lack of support services and training. More details in the free 2022 Robotics Executive Summary report by PMMI. Source: packworld.com. 

Shaping Traceability in Food and Beverage.

The food and beverage industry is tasked with ensuring all products are traceable, from raw materials to the finished product. Issues like product counterfeiting and ethical sourcing can lead to product recalls, which can be devastating for brands. Companies in food and beverage must understand how traceability works, including the difference between external and internal traceability. Of particular importance are the use of printers, bar code readers and vision systems across busy production lines to keep track of ingredients and products every step of the way. Source: packagingtechtoday.com.  

Unilever’s New Persil Laundry Capsule Lowers Laundry’s Carbon Footprint.

A new innovation by Unilever promises a more sustainable solution for laundry. The laundry capsule product reduces consumer use of single-use plastic by including a recyclable, plastic-free outer package as well as active ingredients that are biodegradable and 65% plant-based. Designing products and packaging that meet the requirements for a circular economy is part of Unilever’s Clean Future Strategy. The product will first be released in France this month, with plans to expand globally. Source: packworld.com. 

Sustainability is driving secondary pack innovations for beverage-makers.

There are many driving forces affecting the secondary packaging market for the beverage industry, one of which is sustainability – a need that is driving innovation in numerous ways. In general, this means moving away from plastic packaging while finding ways to differentiate brands during the transition. For example, a number of major domestic beer brands have made commitments to eliminate plastic rings and move to innovations such as branded fiber-based clip style packs. Source: bevindustry.com.