Boost Your Production With TIJ

Matthews Marking Systems L-Series TIJ printer and MPERIA platform.


See in 90 seconds how to keep your production line marking and coding at peak productivity with the L-Series printers.


Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printing offers multiple operational advantages over continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing, including faster ink changeovers, ability to print crisp, precise marks at high speed, a much lower maintenance burden, faster installation, easier operation, greater system flexibility, and less environmental impact.

TIJ printing is excellently suited for primary and secondary printing on a variety of applications including high-speed production lines of tray packs, corrugated cardboard, chipboard, paperboard, pre-printed boxes with knock-out areas, lumber, engineered wood, and many other porous and non-porous substrates.

The ability to stitch multiple TIJ printheads together and control them all from one central location gives you the flexibility and convenience you’ve been searching for on your production line.

Matthews Marking Systems’ L-Series thermal inkjet printers mark variable data, simple text, and graphics at unprecedented speeds. Offering print sizes of 1/2″, 1″, and 2″ with the capability of stitching for larger marks; the L-Series easily tackles your batch, lot code, barcoding, expiry date code, and graphics printing requirements. Line speeds up to 3200 ft/min and fast-drying inks combined with outstanding system flexibility provide an excellent alternative to continuous inkjet printing.


Achieving Production Goals

Cost savings.
A cartridge-based system reduces maintenance costs while bulk ink options allow much longer production runs and offer savings of up to 8x compared to single-use cartridges.

Ensure your brand puts its best foot forward with incredibly crisp, high-resolution prints on your primary and secondary packaging; whether porous or non-porous.

Traceability initiatives with UPC-A or 2D codes and small or larger graphics for retail branding are ideal applications.

The L-Series is driven by MPERIA®️; the automated, centralized, and adaptable marking and coding platform. From operating a single printer on a single production line to multiple marking systems across many lines, MPERIA is the industry’s only controller that can do it all.

MPERIA® Controller - marking and coding automation platform software

MPERIA® Touchscreen Controller


See the Results

Calavo Growers increased efficiency and decreased costs with MPERIA and L-Series – Worldwide Produce Brand Achieves Major Productivity Gains and Cost Savings case study.


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