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Tire and Tread Marking System

Matthews Marking Systems offers a unique large character ink jet printing system developed specifically for printing onto uncured rubber, where the ink must withstand the curing process; including tire and tread marking.  The robust design of the ACIS (Agitating & Circulating Ink System) significantly reduces the time required to clean and maintain equipment. The printer utilizes a fast dry, HAPS free, curable, white pigmented ink, which will not transfer in the mold, leaving no shadow of the previous mark and no adverse effect on the finished product.  Print and record real time information, such as shift codes, time, and date for traceability, as well as barcodes and 2D codes.

Compared to traditional contact printers, ink jet is ideal for rubber marking as it:

  • Reduces down time between recipe changes
  • Eliminates damage to the rubber
  • Easily interfaces with PLC or mainframe controls

Matthews’ rubber marking system features the most reliable drop-on-demand technologies in the industry, our 8000+ series print head. The exclusive macro-valve technology provides for tremendous reliability, easy maintenance, and dramatically lower ink consumption, while maintaining impressive print quality and speed.

  • Successful installations in the harshest environments
  • 6 billion cycles before tuning, outlasting the competition
  • Handles non-porous and pigmented inks without typical clogging issues


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