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Pharmaceutical and Medical

Traceability is a major concern, and often a requirement, for the medical and pharmaceutical community.  In the event of a product recall, public safety and health are at risk.  Manufacturers need the ability to quickly and positively identify and isolate all suspect products in the supply chain.  Without readable bar codes and human readable production dates and lot numbers, product recalls are difficult, if not impossible, to manage.

Serialization is key, from unit-level to case level, and Matthews is armed with the products to provide it.  The basics of serialization (lot codes, batch codes, item numbers, time and date stamp) enable traceability from origination at the point of manufacture to the end of the supply chain.  This data can be in the form of human readable text or through the use of barcoding, which aids in the process of authenticating the data electronically.

We are fortunate to have many different marking and coding technologies to choose from to fit the various applications:

  • MPERIA®  Automation Software – Single platform that has integration possibilities with ERP/WMS systems and multiple marking technologies for simple management of enterprise-wide marking/coding, built-in database
  • Laser – Date, time, lot codes , serial numbers, barcodes, static or dynamic marking, no inks, marks a variety of substrates, permanent mark, built-in database
  • Thermal Inkjet – Date, time, lot codes, serial numbers, barcodes, high resolution, low cost per mark, cartridge technology
  • High Res Piezo Inkjet – Date, time, lot codes, serial numbers, barcodes, graphics, large area marking, high resolution, case coding
  • Drop on Demand Valve Jet – Date, time, lot codes, serial numbers, variety of colors/types of inks, reliable, large character

Matthews can help you maintain compliance and traceability.  Bar coding, product info, lot codes and expiry dates – we have the right equipment for your requirements.  Whether you are marking on plastics, plastic films, foils, or even Tyvek®, we have the marking products to provide the high quality data and barcodes that you need.


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