Matthews Marking Systems offers the widest range of marking technologies available for metal product manufacturers, including inkjet, offset, laser, and indenting. Our years of industry experience allow us to understand the challenges you are facing, and present you with proven solutions, minimizing your risk.

Matthews offers metal manufacturers the following:

  • Permanent and removable ink solutions
  • Custom designed system solutions to meet your application requirements
  • Scalable marking solutions for low and high volume producers
  • Solutions that allow you to meet regulatory agency compliance (ICBO, ICC, SBCCI, NFPA, etc.)
  • Aerospace approved and halogen-free ink formulas
  • Easily integrated with your existing process equipment
  • The robust design of our equipment provides everlasting endurance
  • Specialty inks that cut through lubricants, coatings, filth, and mill scale
  • High-speed printing for continuous mill operations


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