Drop-on-Demand (DOD) Inkjet Printer MPERIA® V-Series™

Increase uptime and lower costs with the V-Series™ drop-on-demand printer. Engineered for reliability in demanding production lines and the harshest environments, the V-Series™ offers exceptional speed, efficiency, and ease of use.

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Increase Uptime & Lower Operating Costs

Industry leading reliability and uptime

Whether you’re printing on lumber, bags of cement, uncured rubber, or hot stainless steel, the V-Series™ is engineered to be reliable in the harshest environments. With our 8000+ printheads’ flushing valve system, cleaning and maintenance of our equipment is a breeze.

Seamless integration across print platforms

Easily integrate the V-Series™ with your production lines using the MPERIA® automated marking platform. Cross-compatible with other brands, MPERIA allows for scalable and adaptable production line configurations across all print platforms and technologies.

Lower total cost of operation

The V-Series™ is a low maintenance, high efficiency system that can reduce operating costs coupled. Affordable inks, increased throughput, and reliable software further improve your return on investment.

Case Study

15% Production Gain by Leading Truss Manufacturer

Stone Truss turned to Matthews Marking Systems for a lumber printing solution used for their trusses and other products. They wanted a system to help increase their board-feet production while saving man-hours.

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Large Character Marking for Aluminum​​

When a producer and distributor of cut-to-order aluminum sheets and rods was asked by a major, long-standing customer to expand their marking capabilities in the cut-to-length sheet department of their 100,000 square foot facility, the company returned to Matthews Marking Systems for an upgrade.

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Matthews’ V-Series DOD inkjet printer has improved our efficiency by 50%. In addition, the system is extremely robust and reliable, requires only minimal maintenance, and is much easier to operate. We finally feel confident that we can consistently deliver our customers’ orders on time.

Javier Espinosa, Plant Manager
Sierra Aluminum

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Our Drop-on-Demand (DOD) systems feature the longest life and most reliable printhead in the industry. The exclusive micro-valve technology dramatically lowers ink consumption while maintaining impressive quality and speed. Our robust 8000+ series printheads produce a high-resolution mark by overlapping a series of smaller dots.

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Our enclosed module featuring an internal power supply and printhead driver board, enables communication between the DOD printhead technology and the MPERIA controller through an Ethernet connection. V-Links can be stacked and networked through MPERIA®, providing a flexible and scalable system for small or very large applications.


The MPERIA marking and coding automation platform centralizes control of your marking technology, regardless of equipment technology or vendor. Controllers are available in a range of screen sizes and in enclosures with ratings for harsh environments, including IP40, IP54, IP55, and IP65.

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Drop-on-Demand Ink Supply Systems​

Perfect for primary packaging, commercial printing like mailings, promotional coding, lottery coding and serialization. Compact design makes it perfect for production lines with size limitations.

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